Monday, September 13, 2010

100 day challenge 35-39

Are you sick of these yet? LOL! I am trying to catch up with getting these photographed and uploaded. That part is not as fun as creating them. Plus I have been enjoying the absolutely delightful weather we have been having. It is HEAVEN having the windows open and breeze coming through instead of listening to the AC run 24/7. Don't even want to THINK about my electricity bill. And without further ado, here are the cards!!

I experimented using ink and a square punch on this card. I find that the more I am working on these cards, the more willing I am to try new things. Believe me, that is a BIG step for me, as I was always the type of person terrified to make mistakes.

This is another card I made in a lesson for my Collafe Coterie class. Chris thinks the kids are spooky looking, and I have to agree!

I used 2 colors of acrylic paint for the background and then stamped the bugs, then used colored pencils to finish.

A quick card using stuff I had laying about on my table.

Another new experience for me - chalk! As a teacher, the only chalk I had ever used was the type that went on the blackboard. I never knew it could be so fun!

Thanks again for looking and letting me share.


  1. I'm not sick of them! You inspire me :-)

  2. Gretchen--your artistic skills and techniques are just growing in leaps and bounds--the 100 cards and the Green Paper classes have been wonderful choices for you!

  3. Thank you for visiting Tattered Past.
    Even though I have viewed your blog I didn't realize I wasn't a follower... am now.
    Your work is lovely.