Tuesday, October 19, 2010

100 day challenge cards 74-83

Homestretch!! I just want to thank all of you for giving me encouragement and kind words along the way - I know I would never have gotten to this point without my friends believing I could do it. I do try to make each of these cards special, with a few notable rushed exceptions :-) - I want to be able to look back at this project and remember the feelings and emotions that I had each day and what prompted me to create each card.

I did a little art journaling on this card - and I need to remember these words!

Some more of what I have discovered to be my favorite - collage!

I had to commemorate my 10-10-10 birthday somehow, right? LOL!

Had to put my baby on one of these cards - after all, he usually is sitting by my feet when I make them!

More collage!

On my first night of sewing class, we were practicing a straight stitch, and I veered off course once - looked like a road to me, and thus a card was born :-)

This looks MUCH better in person - could not get a good picture.

I drew the simple branch background and then had fun with the hole punch.

Ho hum - more collage.

Using up some scrapbook stuff.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Way to go. Do you have something special picked out to treat yourself when you finish. Your cards just keep getting better and better.

  2. They are all so fabulous. You've discovered a wonderful creative side and it shows, your cards are all so imaginative. Great work.

  3. Gretchen, I love the variety and range you show in your work. You are truly not afraid to stretch yourself and try new things. Bravo!

  4. Gretchen, I continue to be impressed!! Your collages look great, I DO think it's your "thing". all your cards have so much substance and thought put into them. almost to the end :-)

  5. Gretchen-you are amazing!! I would never have stuck with this for so long!! Congratulations!! You are almost there!!

  6. Congratulations Gretchen! You are doing so well! I love your collages - you seem to have a real talent with them. Great determination too. You are an inspiration for sure.