Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby steps...

Well, I am not sure if this is a baby step or a leap off the cliff, but I am now a blogger! Not a very accomplished blogger, but a blogger nonetheless! I learned about altered books a few months ago in an art therapy program, and I will have to admit that I thought the whole idea was sort of silly. What's the point? I knew from back when I was a kid that I couldn't draw or paint, so doing anything artistic, would just be a waste of time. But I started a book, and slowly, slowly, I started to enjoy it. I first just worked on it in class, then I started bringing it home to work on. I stepped foot in AC Moore and Michaels for the first time to purchase supplies for my book. I was getting so excited by what I was doing - creating art and being able to express myself. I now have just completed my 3rd book, I have an art corner in my house (my "studio", lol!), and I have a whole new way of viewing myself. I'd like to share some of my work on this blog and share some of my stories too. I just joined a challenge to complete 100 3x5 pieces of art in 100 days - am I nuts? I also am in an inspirational card swap and will be joining my first round robin next month. let the games begin!!

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  1. Wow 100 cards you sure got bitten with the bug!Altered books are such fun and so liberating ! So glad you have joined the rest of us who are hooked on them! No one in my area has the slightest idea what I am doing or more to the point they wonder why???