Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life is beautiful

Good morning, everyone! Preparing myself for yet another over 90 degree day here in New Jersey - ugh! This summer has cosisted of heat, humidity, and terrifying thunderstorms just to break things up a little (groan!). Oh well, when we were getting 3 feet of snow last winter, we prayed for summer and we sure got it!

This page is out of my first book - I had gotten a mother's day card with the "life is beautiful" line, and so I took parts of that card to create this page. I was feeling peaceful and happy while doing it, and so my colors I hope reflected that. In art therapy, I used my altered art as a barometer of my moods and feelings, and so my altered books mostly represent my state of mind when I was working on it. The art has become my therapist!

As always, thanks for letting me share.

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