Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gonna be one of those days!

Today we will be running around like busy bees - DH Chris is having rotator cuff surgery tomorrow and will not be able to use his right arm for a little bit. Couple that with my bad back which keeps me from doing a lot of bending and stretching and we should be loads of fun in the weeks to come lol! So today we will be tackling household chores and a major grocery shopping as well. Thank goodness Megan will be here to help us old folks out! Tonight we are heading to my mother in law's for dinner, so that will be something to look forward to! Please send good vibes this way for quick healing, if you would be so kind.

Since I am talking about Chris, I would like to share my literal altered book that I made him for father's day. I took an old Hardy Boys book which was in a big box of old books I purchased at a yard sale for $1. I hollowed out the inside with a craft knife and then glued and stained it. I decorated the cover with cardstock stickers, and decoupaged pictures of us taken in a funky old photo booth in Ocean City in the bottom. Lastly, I printed out the lyrics to "Upon the Journey's End" by Taylor Dane, which was our wedding song and decoupaged them to the inside cover. He absolutely LOVED it and keeps it right next to his computer. Fun to make and loved by the recipient - what more can you ask, right?

Hope you all have a safe and productive day.


  1. That is just adorable - How clever of you! I'll bet your dh will treasure that forever! I have yet to alter a book. Seeing yours makes me want to try one.

  2. Great work, Gretchen, it looks wonderful! I bet hubby will be surprised and love it.