Wednesday, August 4, 2010

100 day challenge cards 11-15

Moving right along! I am finding myself getting into a routine with the cards - I usually make them early afternoon after lunch. Just a little "me" time to have some fun!

Card #11 was made out of some magnets I got from a clearance bin at Michael's for a quarter.

Card #12 was just for fun! I had the googly eyes and I just thought I would be a little kid for a few minutes and this is what happened lol!

Card #13

CARD #14 is made from one piece of leftover scrapbook paper - I just cut out some of the designs.

And last but not least, card #15 was literally made from trash picked papers. I keep a little can next to my desk for paper scraps and I had this idea to cut out "inchies" from this trash to make a quilt. I like the way it turned out :-)


  1. Very nice! I love that you are able to use leftover bits and pieces! My favorite one is actually the inchies, but they are all great!

  2. Gretchen-looks like you are having lots of fun and experimenting with new things!! Fun!