Friday, August 6, 2010

Someone to watch over me

I received the sweetest surprise in the mail yesterday! I am on a wonderful yahoo group with incredibly talented women, and many of them have started blogs recently. When a new blog is created, a little blog fairy arrives to watch over you and give you a smile when you need one most. My little fairy came yesterday - apparently there is a colony of them in Canada, waiting patiently to visit bloggers throughout the world. My sassy fairy is hanging over my work table, giving me good luck and confidence and a feeling of happiness. I love her!
Other wonderful news in our home - Megan starts her job at a salon today! She graduated from cosmetology school last month and we are so proud of her to have found a job in her field already. She is nervous, but I am confident she will shine.
Have a great Friday, everyone!

Hanging over my desk (don't pay attention to the mess!)

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  1. Your blog fairy looks perfectly at home in your studio!